ALFATEK Isobaric Monoblocs

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Zero-Oxygen Carbonated Bottling is here – ALFATEK

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Product Description

ALFATEK Isobaric Monobloc Fillers

  • Zero oxygen pick-up bottling
  • Self leveling fill heads
  • Patented isobaric valve can be used for sparkling or still beverages
  • Bottle platforms supported from above leaving a easy to clean floor of the filling compartment
  • Ring-shaped filling bowl divided into independent sections for minimal product sloshing/turbulence
  • New system of pre-evacuation of air from bottles (DEOX) followed by the industry’s longest purging time with inert gas conducted on a separate turret for maximum effectiveness
  • High legs to allow easy access for cleaning under the filler
  • Innovative air evacuation system in a purpose built separate tank to allow aseptic filling
  • Filling valve is activated by the ascending bottle so no excluding mechanism is required and allows for the safest “no bottle, no fill” system
  • Easy to adjust the turret to different bottle heights
  • Lack of penetration of moving parts and pistons through the floor of the filler minimizes opportunities for microbiological growth
  • Easy and quick to change the timing of degassing
  • Valves can be manually opened to washing and steaming with the machine stopped and without “dummy” bottles
  • During washing operations the self-levelling and degassing circuits

Additional Information


Pressurized sterile filling chamber, Double DEOX to evacuate 99% of the air in the bottle before filling with product, Corking, crown capping, screwcapping, SO2 bottle rinsing