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Antioxin SBT is a new generation of anti-oxidizing agent especially adapted for the treatment of the malt and unmalted cereals in the mashtun, minimizing their potential of oxidation throughout the life of the resulting beers.

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Product Description


 Beer anti-oxidizing agent

  • Beer antioxidant used in the mashtun to inhibit oxidation for the life of the beer.
  • Many experimental trials and production data show that this complex agent carries out a powerful anti-oxidizing action that completely eliminates oxygen from beer, including bottleneck oxygen picked up during packaging.
  • Antioxin SBT protects beer from oxidation for prolonged periods, helping to maintain the original organoleptic properties and freshness.
  • All the effected trials showed that Antioxin SBT maintains beer stability for a period four times longer than with traditional anti-oxidant products.
  • The potassium metabisulphite contained in Antioxin SBT in combination with ascorbic acid is responsible for the beer stability, without altering the organoleptic properties of the finished beers.
  • Strict controls on raw materials used for producing Antioxin SBT, along with quality tests during production help to guarantee the consistency of the formulation.
  • Antioxin SBT is used in doses between 2 and 4 g/hL. These concentrations react with 0.5-1 ppm of dissolved oxygen, equivalent to about 0.6-1.2 mL of air per 33 cL bottle.
  • Every gram of Antioxin SBT increases the SO2 by 0.25 mg/L.
  • Antioxin SBT is immediately soluble in beer and is completely odorless. Beer can consequently be bottled and released to the trade immediately after its addition.

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