Automated Sorting

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This machine’s innovative design allows unripe “shot” berries, stem jacks, raisins and Material-Other-than-Grape (MOG) to pass through a wedge-wire screen.

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Product Description

LT Berry Sorter “Le Trieur”
  • Processing capacity of 3 – 4 ton/hour
  • Placed below or downstream from the destemmer
  • Allows unripe “shot” berries, stem jacks, raisins and MOG (material-other-than-grape) to pass through a wedge-wire screen
  • Gentle shaking motion allows the whole, ripe berries to easily pass onward
  • Dramatically reduces the labor required for post-destemmer sorting
  • Manufactured entirely of stainless steel, and equipped with a VFD for Complete range of speed control
  • Very easy to operate, clean and allows juice to be captured
  • Can be designed to fit into your existing line or will integrate easily into a new P&L Specialties’ processing line
LT 2+2 Berry Sorter
  • Features all the advantages of the LT with a higher processing capacity of 8 – 10 tons/hour

“The Le Trieur” means a giant leap forward in the quality of must going to your fermenters.