Barrel Washing - FR2 Automatic

Automatic barrel cleaning system for 2 drums on a rack.

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Product Description

Parallel cleaning with disinfection. Barrels are stored on rack in rack with the forklift on the system. Alignment of the barrels and introduction of the cleaning heads fully automatic, residual yeast is picked up separately. Cleaning sequence programmatically and individually programmable. Operation via touchscreen.


  • Cleaning two barrels on rack
  • Automated centering of the bung holes
  • Automated lie drawers
  • Automated introduction of spray heads
  • Memory function for up to 5 cleaning cycles
  • Operation and programming via touchscreen
  • Integrated high pressure unit
  • High pressure and steam connections can be optionally selected



  • For two barrels of 225 – 500 liters, bung diameter> 38mm
  • Drums on rack in stock, loading and unloading by forklift
  • Automatic positioning of the barrels, separate intake of residual yeast
  • Cleaning process fully automatically controlled
  • Programmable cleaning cycles with memory function
  • Touchscreen for operation and programming
  • Integrated high pressure unit
  • Connection for cold or hot water supply (max 60/80 ° C)

Accessories and options

  • Steam generator
  • Connection for external hot water high pressure supply