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Beer Wort Brix Refractometer

Beer Wort Brix Refractometer, simple to operate and provides quick, accurate measurements for the Specific Gravity of beer wort


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Product Description

Beer Wort Brix Refractometer 

Optical refractometer measuring in Brix(0-32%) and specific gravity(1.000-1.130).

Package Includes 

  • Refractometer 
  • Vinyl storage/carrying case 
  • One transfer pipet 
  • Calibration screwdriver 
  • Operation manual 

Key Features 

  • Large, Sharp Display Scales with high contrast 
  • Built in automatic temperature compensation(ATC).
  • High-quality optical glass material for consistent, accurate readings 
  • Durable, industrial-grade design with non-roll stand feature to keep unit secure on flat surfaces 
  • Tactical, non-slip Rubber Grip on body to block transmission of hand heat reducing temperature effects 
  • Prism encased in all-metal housing allowing sample and prism to reach temperature equilibrium quickly 

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