BenchDELUXE Labeling Machine

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The BenchDELUXE Labeling Machine is the premium of all semi automatic-labeling machines.

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Product Description

BenchDELUXE – Hands Free Labeling Machine

The BenchDELUXE Labeling Machine will suit businesses that label from 150,000 up to 1,000,000+ containers per year. For container diameters larger than 55mm (2 1/8 inch).

High throughput, high production with our guaranteed label accuracy. This versatile industrial machine with reduce your double handling by at least 3 times. Straight out of the box you can be labeling within 4 minutes on any product. Simply said, the BenchDELUXE Labeling Machine will comfortably apply any type of label on any round container.

  • Labels any round container: will comfortably apply any type of label on any round container (50mm+ diameter).
  • Increase your capacity: flexibility to meet short run packaging needs, while capable of labeling millions of products.
  • Quality: Great Engineering manufacture & assembles every machine in-house, so you can be 100% confident that your BenchDELUXE will never break down in your most critical production times.