Bin Washing

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The P&L Specialties’ ½ Ton Bin Washer reduces the time spent handling bins and provides more convenient cleaning vs. traditional hose rinsing.

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Product Description

Bin Washer
  • Reduces the time spent washing and handling bins
  • Provides savings in labor, energy and water usage
  • Innovative and proven design allows the forklift driver to remain seated on the forklift during the loading, washing and unloading processes
  • Rinse water is screened through a removable basket which collects solids, keeping them out of your waste water system
  • Requires only hot or cold water from a standard winery hose at typical winery pressure
  • Proprietary design requires no electrical connection
  • Features all stainless steel construction for longevity
  • Compatible with both front dumping and side rotating models