Closed Presses – Velvet XZ 15, 23, 34

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High draining surface horizontal pneumatic presses with mirror-polished channels.

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Product Description

About Velvet XZ Pneumatic Presses

  • Horizontal pneumatic press with side membrane with closed AISI 304 stainless steel tank.
  • High draining efficiency thanks to mirror-polished channels placed along the internal lateral surface.
  • Simplified cleaning operations thanks to a quick assembly and disassembly system.
  • Large double door manually opened and closed with mechanical safety lock.
  • Pressing membrane consisting of heavy fabric coated with a food grade polymer, it inflates totally even in the absence of product, no minimum load required.
  • Quick fastening system without perforation of the membrane. Frame entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Machine equipped with compressor for membrane inflation and blower for vacuum
Velvet XZ 15
  • Traditional operator interface with integrated PLC, equipped with control push-button and display.
  • 6 pressing programs are stored in the PLC and a “rocking” system for tank oscillation.
Velvet XZ 23/34
  • Simple and user-friendly operator interface with “Touch-Screen” to easily access to programming pages.
  • It allows the management and programming of all working cycles and monitoring of the working cycle and press status.
  • 16 pressing programs are stored in the PLC and a “rocking” system for tank oscillation.

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