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FERMOALE New-E is a new brewing yeast specifically designed to ferment New England-style IPAs (NEIPAs) and Hazy-IPAs & Pale Ales.

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Excellent top fermenting yeast strain for brewing New England IPAs (NEIPA) and hazy ales in general due to its poor flocculation capacity and style-appropriate esters and flavours.

Fermenting with FERMOALE New-E creates a hazy beer with a well-balanced mouthfeel and juicy/tropical/fruity ester profiles together with some residual sweetness in the background. It also assists in highlighting a wide spectrum of hop flavour attributes in hop-forward beers. A very reliable yeast strain choice for consistent production of contemporary hazy or juicy ale beer styles.

FERMOALE New-E is a top fermenting dry active yeast; it can perform across a wider temperature range and this flexibility allows the brewer to create unique aroma and flavour profiles.

FERMOALE New-E has the capacity for fermentations up to 11% ABV.

PITCHING RECOMMENDATIONS* 40-80 g/hL of cold wort at 16-23°C.


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