High-Pressure Barrel Washer

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Clean your Barrels with Water Pressure not Chemicals!

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Product Description

High-Pressure Barrel Washer

  • Clean your Barrels with Water Pressure not Chemicals
  • Inserts through the bunghole
  • 110V electrically driven planetary gear spray nozzle guarantees full coverage 360 degree cleaning
  • Suction of residual water from inside the washed container
  • Made of Aisi3030 Stainless Steel

The Benefits

  • Powerfull, reliable and repeatable cleaning of every point of internal surface
    • cost effective compared to manual cleaning
    • compliance with most of the industry and governments standard for cleaning
  • Reduction if water and chemical consumption
    • Significant savings for collecting and reciting water and effluents after the cleaning
    • environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • No need for confined space entry
    • increased safety
    • reduced manpower costs
  • MODEL Max Pressure Min/Max Flow RPM Time for complete cleaning cycle
    M25E 140 Bar
    2.000 Psi
    10 – 25 l/min
    2.6 – 6.5 USGpm
    14 3 mins


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