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Horizontal Screens DE Filter (2-6 sq. m.) DCBL - Wine & Cider

DE Horizontal Screen Filters – Wine & Cider – 2 -6 sq. meter

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Product Description


Models: DCBL 50/80/100/125/150


  • Manufactured by SPADONI MECCANICA in Orvieto, Italy since 1951
  • SS304 construction throughout
  • Manual spent DE discharge
  • 1.5”TC or DN40 inlet/outlet connections with butterfly valves
  • Compact design with castors for easy mobility
  • 80 micron screens
  • Adjustable output diaphragm dosing pump
  • Integrated DE mixing paddle in dosing tank
  • Centrifugal feed pump
  • Inlet and outlet lighted sight glasses
  • SS304 Sampling valve
  • Patented tilting design of the bell housing which slides open on a shaft and is supported with a shock absorber (not required on DCBL/50)
  • Bell housing pressure gauge
  • PP screen spacers
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Residual filter screen for filtering contents of bell housing at the end of filtration runs
  • TC style bell housing closure clamp
  • Bell housing overflow return line to dosing tank
  • Flow meter
  • Splash-proof sealed stainless steel control box
  • 1 year parts warranty
  • Spare parts in stock

Additional Information


• SS316 construction • SS304 trolley for spent DE & residual liquid collection (Designed to roll under the tilted bell housing during cleaning) • Rathman clamps for bell housing closure fastening • Single phase motor for DCBL 50 & DCBL 80 • Sparkling wine filtration upgrade • SS304 screen spacers • Sizes: DCBL-50: 2 sq. m, DCBL-80: 3 sq. m, DCBL-100: 4 sq. m, DCBL-125: 5 sq. m, DCBL-150: 6 sq.