Isobaric Filling – Barida ISO 4/TG – Small Production

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Up to 350 bottles/hour

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Product Description

ISO 4/TG – Isobaric Filling


  • Isobaric filling
  • Application of caps
  • Application of closing cages

Production: Up to 350 bottles/hour

Notes: Semi-automatic machine suitable for isobaric filling and closing with mushroom cork stoppers and cages of containers for sparkling wines, smooth wines and beer.

The semi-automatic triblock combines the functions of isobaric filling, capping and caging into a single machine.

The capper is suitable for the application of cork stoppers / corks for small and medium productions.

The machine is operated by placing the bottle on the plate, using a two-handed control, and stops at the end of each cycle. The caps are distributed automatically while the caps are loaded manually.

The operation of the wire cage is both mechanical and pneumatic.

The loading of the cages in the traditional barrel (barrel capacity 250 cages) is manual while the automatic distribution.

The bottle is placed on a special support surface and a two-handed command starts the work cycle; once finished, the machine stops automatically.


  • Working bottles: from 0.33 to 1.5L
  • Simplified adjustments through control panel
  • No-foam device
  • Straws for filling level adjustment
  • Suitable for washing with sanitizers
  • Semi-automatic capping towers with mushroom caps and wire-hoods