Method Traditionelle – Barida Poker 400/1S/1G – Medium Production

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Method Traditionelle – Barida Poker 400/1S/1G – Medium Production

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Product Description

Poker 400/1S/1G – Workings for the classical method


  • Degorgiatura, this is extraction of the crown cap
  • Spillway
  • Dosing of liquor
  • Leveling with wine
  • Cork cap application
  • Application and closing cages

Production: Up to 400 bottles/hour

Notes: The Poker 400/1S/1G works in a totally automatic way allowing the operator to deal only with the logistics of loading and unloading the bottles

The POKER 400 / 1S / 1G triblock has been designed and manufactured to process glass bottles of 375ml to 1500ml.

The machine is mainly made of stainless steel and is made up of an intermittent rotating turret with six gripping units that perform de-icing, pouring, liqueur dosing and leveling with wine.

The processing ends with the application of corks and cages.

The POKER 400 / 1S / 1G is excellent for medium productions.