Method Traditionelle – Barida Poker 700/1S/1G – Medium Production

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Up to 700 bottles/hour

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Product Description

Poker 700/1S/1G – Workings for the classical method


  • Disgorging
  • Spillway
  • Dosage/Leveling
  • Capping
  • Application and closing cages

Production: Up to 700 bottles/hour

Notes: The Poker 700/1S/1G triblock is totally automatic and allows the operator to dedicate itself only to the logistics of loading and unloading bottles

The POKER 700 / 1S / 1G triblock has been designed and manufactured to process glass bottles of 375ml to 1500ml.

Covered in stainless steel, the machine is composed of four main units:

  • A continuous rotation turret exclusively dedicated to the debris operation, composed of three work points equipped with grippers.
  • An intermittent rotating turret, complete with six work points (each equipped with grippers) that perform the operations of skimming, dosage of liqueur and leveling with wine.
  • A capping unit for the application of cork stoppers
  • A cage assembly unit for the application and closure of cages.

The machine has been designed to be inserted into an automatic production line.