Method Traditionelle – Barida Poker 900 – Medium Production

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Up to 900 bottles/hour

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Product Description

Poker 900 – Workings for the classic method


  • Disgorging
  • Spillway
  • Dosing of liquor
  • Leveling with wine

Production: Up to 900 bottles/hour

Notes: Automatic monobloc with two turrets

The POKER 900 automatic monobloc consists mainly of two turrets, of which the first one is continuous rotation and the second one is intermittent rotation.

The first turret is exclusively dedicated to the de-icing operation: equipped with three bottle gripping / closing units, flips the 65 ° bottle and then extracts the crown cap (which is conveyed into a tray inside the base).

After this passage the bottle, still inclined, is closed to limit the outflow of wine and is returned to a vertical position.

The second turret has six work points (each of them equipped with a gripper) and performs three operations in the arc of a single rotation: pouring, liqueur dosage and leveling with wine.