Monobloc Fillers

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Monobloc Bottling Line

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Product Description

Monobloc Fillers
  • For filling of high quality wines using low pressure ensuring no oxygen pick-up. These lines are of exceptional quality in manufacturing and provide you with the ultimate assurance that your wines are protected throughout the filling processes.
    Compliment your filling line with the following available options:

    • Rinsing or blowing with optional sterilizing system
    • Patented De-Ox® station capable of removing up to 99.9% of all oxygen
    • Corking (vacuum option)
    • Screw capping in either Standard 30H60 caps or with the Stelvin Lux cap
    • Sterilized chamber with HEPA filter
    • Scrambling and store up tables, accumulation tables
    • Quality pre-designed and packaged conveying systems to suit your bottling line room
    • Nitrogen generators built into the system (no more bottles to lug around!) palletizers and de-palletizers
    • Box taping and labeling systems, and virtually anything else you might need to complete your filling line needs.
  • Cellar-Tek has the technical support systems to provide you with “Turn-Key” installations and after sale support you have come to expect from us.