Multi Tanks

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Two, three and four compartment wine tanks

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Product Description

Multi Tanks
  • Two, three and four compartment wine tanks
  • The Multi-tank system can be used to store different products in the same container
  • The only tank that exploits vertical space while maintaining ground-level control of all fill/discharge, wash, and nitrogen saturation procedures
  • The exclusive Albrigi Superbottom inclined bottom and tapered counter-bottom system guarantees strength and prevents bothersome expansions which could cause overflows and topping off of compartments
  • A fermentation tank can be created on the top level with mechanical marc extractor or with a 30% inclined plane for gravity marc removal
  • A storage tank can be created on the lower level to carry out natural gravity délestage of the must
  • Can be equipped with mixing systems, conditioning systems, 30° or 45° inclined flat bottoms for fermentation and for easily removing the marc
  • They can be totally insulated and conditioned to carry out cold stabilization