Nano Breweries

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1.5hL and 2.5hL 2-Vessel, portable brewing systems.

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Product Description

Nano Breweries
  • 304 AISI stainless steel construction
  • 2-Vessel combi-system. mash/kettle & lauter. double wall insulated construction
  • Agitator blades for Mashtun
  • Removable screen in Lautertun
  • 4-wheel cart standard
  • tilting lauter tun for easy removal of spent grains
  • Powered with 3-phase electric
  • Control panel for pump and mixer
  • Temperature control and thermostat for mashing & boiling
  • VFD pump control
  • Sight glass and grant for visual control
  • Easily inspected plate heat exchanger with digital downstream thermometer
  • Oxygenation system