Oak Chips & Fines

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Innerstave Oak Chips & Fines can be used during every stage to enhance oak character.

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Product Description

Innerstave Oak Chips & Fines

  • Oak Chips & Fines can be used during every stage of winemaking.
  • Multi-stage additions are encouraged because making additions along the wine processing lifecycle will impact the end result in different ways.
  • An addition of Innerstave Oak Chips & Fines during fermentation will minimize undesirable vegetal characters, provide co-pigmentation to bind colour and give body and mouthfeel.
  • Innerstave Oak Chips & Fines added during post-primary aging offers tannin, body and barrel flavours based on the chosen toast level.
  • Making an addition just prior to bottling will lift the wine’s flavour profile and refresh the finished oak character.
  • Enquire about a mesh bag for oak chips.
  • Standard chips are the size of broken matchsticks
  • Fines are the size of pencil shaving
  • Fermentation used for colour stability

Suggested ratio will range from 4-22 lbs per 1,000 gallons, dependent on stage and varietal

  • Chips extract best between 2-12 weeks
  • Fines extract best between 2-8 weeks
  • Enquire about a mesh bag for oak chips


Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 63.5 × 50.8 × 25.4 in

Standard, Fines, Fermentation

Oak Origin


Toasting Level

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Mesh Oak Chip Bag



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