Oesco Elevator Apple Grinder

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All wiring has been done. Comes with very long cord.

This new elevator-grinder combination is designed for use with the larger LANCMAN presses — specifically, the VSPI-X170 and the VSPI-X250. The combination elevator-grinder pays for itself in several ways:

  • Reduces the physical effort needed to supply 10 or more bushels of ground fruit to the press
  • Makes it practical to add a second water press to your cider operation — while you are pressing with one unit, you can be filling another unit.

For the most efficient production, we recommend adding a brusher-washer unit to feed clean apples to the hopper on the elevator-grinder. While it is possible to wash your apples by hand in a tub, you will find that this slows your production considerably. If you are considering an elevator-grinder to boost production, you should also consider a brusher-washer.

  • Six (6) inch grinder drum of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) w/ replaceable carbide teeth
  • Elevator motor: 1/2 HP 115V totally enclosed (TE) gear motor drives 6 in. wide belt
  • Grinder motor: 1 HP 220V TE single-phase motor (requires wiring by qualified electrician – on/off switch specific to your installation not included)
  • All food contact surfaces are FDA compliant: stainless steel, HDPE, food grade rubber and PVC belting