DIEMME Open Grape Crusher

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Open Grape – New Crushing System

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DIEMME Open Grape Crusher

  • The Open Grape crushing system is designed to release the contents of the berry by turning the skin inside out.
  • Equipped with new cylindrical rollers coated by a special food-grade rubber.
  • The profile of the rollers’ gripped surface allows the crusher to gently expose the inside of the berries without damaging it’s seeds.
  • The Open Grape crushing system improves the pressing performances with fresh grapes allowing higher yields at lower pressures and greater loading capacity into the press.
  • The Open Grape crushing system increases extraction of skin compounds during fermentation and maceration.
  • Completely interchangeable with the traditional crushing unit installed in Kappa 15-25-50, allowing existing machines to be retrofitted.
  • Available either integrated into the Kappa destemmer-crusher or as an independent crushing unit.

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