Polypropylene Rigid Thermal Bonded Filter

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Nominal rated Rigid Polypropylene Filters

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Product Description

  • 3M rigid extrusion bonded polypropylene technology with no adhesives, binders, surfactants or lubricants
  • low initial pressure drop for enhanced flow
  • reduced unloading at high differential pressure compared to meltblown filters
  • efficient reduction of deformable materials
  • grooved cartridge design with extended surface area promotes fuller utilization of the depth matrix
  • consistently superior particle reduction throughout filter life and at high flow rates
  • longer service life = fewer filter change-outs = cost savings. At least double and up to 10 times the service life of the nearest competitor‚Äôs filter

Additional Information


10", 20", 30", 40"


1 – 75 microns

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