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SPINDASOL SB3 Silica sol for beer clarification It improves the sedimentation of yeast during maturation. 

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Silica sol for beer clarification. It improves the sedimentation of yeast during maturation. The technical properties of Spindasol SB3 lead to a difference in performance compared to the ordinary silica sols that have been used previously. In practice, this leads to a more efficient and quicker sedimentation and thereby limits the amount of yeast in filtration which can reduce the filtration run. 


20-40 g/hL when treating beer in maturation tank. 


Spindasol SB3 should be added directly in line with an exact amount g/hL during transfer from the fermenter to the maturation tank. If Spindasol SB3 is used in a uni-tank system it is important to conduct careful trials in order to evalutate the efficiency. 

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