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Proanthocyanidic tannin and ellagitannin preparation, using LAFFORT’s instant dissolving process (IDP), to be used in red wine maturation.

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Product Description

About Tan’Cor®
Ideal use: Proanthocyanidic and ellagic tannins preparation, using LAFFORT®’s instantly dissolving process (IDP), to be used in red wine maturation.
  • TAN’COR® combines the properties of ellagic and proanthocyanidic tannins specially prepared for the treatment of red wines after the fermentation phase or during maturation, and is used to:
    • Enhance and modify the structure of the wine and prepare it for maturation.
    • Protect of the wine with regards to oxidation phenomena.
    • Regulate oxidation-reduction phenomena.
Dosage Rate
  • 10 – 30 g/hL