Tanin VR® Color

Instant dissolving (IDP Process) formulation of catechin and ellagic-based tannins designed for colour stabilization in red winemaking.

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Product Description

About Tanin VR Color®
Ideal Use: To stabilise wine colouring matter
  • Instantly dissolving (IDP) catechin tannin preparation.
  • Specially formulated to stabilise wine colouring matter.
  • Tanin VR Color® is a non-astringent tannin which can be integrated in to all profiles of wine.
  • Tanin VR Color® is used to improve the active tannin / anthocyanin ratio in such cases:
  • Grapes harvested at sub-optimal phenolic ripeness
    • Grape varietals with a naturally poor tannin/anthocyanin ratio
    • Varietals that have colour management problems (extraction/stabilisation)
Dosage Rate:
  • 10 – 80 g/hL.