The Roaring Fork RF-80

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Dual-lane canner, fastest Twin Monkey system, Start with this model or start with the RF-40 and later upgrade in the field.

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Product Description

The Roaring Fork RF-80

“Dual-lane canner, fastest Twin Monkeys system. Start with this model or start with the Animas and later upgrade in the field”

Equipped with:

  • Precise volumetric flow meters for fill levels repeatable to ±2g
  • Patent-pending cam-less wedge seamer: fast, repeatable; low maintenance
  • Lid applicator with CO2 blanket generator; very reliable
  • Intuitive operator color touch screen
  • Washdown systems for easy cleaning

5-Step Oxygen Reduction using:

  • Closed fill tubes that do not re-acquire air between fill cycles
  • Pre-fill purge station that clears air out prior to fills
  • Short paths from fill to seam
  • CO2 blanket generator when lids are placed on foam
  • Dial-in foam/fill levels for individual fill head control


  • Fully automated from empty can infeed to finished can outfeed
  • Simple/quick change between 12oz and 16oz cans
  • (other sizes can be specified at time of order)
  • Lids placed on foam
  • Designed for ease of maintenance
  • Adjustable timers for all system functions
  • CIP/SIP for fill system


  • Throughput: 80+ cans/minute
  • Dimensions: 82”L x 36”D x 78”H
  • Weight: 950 lbs
  • Can Sizes: 12 oz. and 16 oz. standard, others available on request
  • Construction: 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum


  • Power: 120V and 208-240 1-phase options available
  • Controls Air: 90 psi 2.2 cfm of clean, dry air (4.5 for San Juan)
  • CO2: 20 psi 1 cfm of CO2