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  • Stacker Poly FlexTanks

    Stacker Poly FlexTanks

    Stacker Poly FlexTanks are perfect for maximizing storage space and are the most ideal vessel for maintaining quality when tr
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  • Apollo Poly FlexTank

    Apollo Poly FlexTank

    The Apollo Poly FlexTank is a small batch closed fermentor the APOLLO™ egg shaped tank may also be used for long term
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  • Dexter Poly FlexTank

    Dexter Poly FlexTanks

    Poly FlexTanks provide all barrel functions for maturation and storage, with extreme space and cost saving benefits over othe
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  • Eco Poly FlexTank

    Eco Poly FlexTank

    The ECO Poly FlexTank 30 is popular with home winemakers and used in larger establishments for experimental lots and topping
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