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Specific Yeast cell wall mannoprotein from Saccharomyces Cerevisae for the colloidal stabilization of the wine.

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Product Description

MANNOFEEL® mannoproteins are extracted from Yeast cell walls by a specific process that allows us to obtain a highly purified product with the highest content of mannoproteins on the market.

  • Component naturally present in wine.
  • Contributes to the tartaric stabilisation of the wine.
  • Contributes to the colloidal stabilisation of the wine.
  • Respects the freshness and the fruit of the wine.
  • Product in liquid form, ready to use with an immediate action on the wine.
  • Excellent filterability; MANNOFEEL® has no impact on the wine’s filterability.
  • Can be used towards the end of ageing and during
  • wine preparation for bottling.

Available in 1.08kg jugs

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