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Liquid silica for carbon fining and extra compaction in gelatin, albumin, and casein settling.

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Product Description

  • In an acid media, Spindasol quickly combines proteins and carbon forming heavy floccules making the sediment extremely compact.
  • Advantages of using Spindasol:

In musts:

  • Lees are heavier than when using just bentonite and the settling is much faster and compact.
  • Proteins of small molecular weight that might be important for nutrition are not affected by Spindasol
  • Only large and unstable proteins are removed
  • It does not absorb aromatic molecules or color
  • It helps in achieving protein stability down the line

In wines:

  • It does not affect color
  • It can be used in conjunction with gelatin, casein and albumin in order to achieve a more compact sediment, minimizing the lees
  • Using Spindasol to help settle the fining agents always improves filterability.
  • It always depends on the wine or must to be treated, and trials are recommended. As a general rule of thumb, Spindasol needs to be added at 5 to 10 times the amount of protein based clarifier used.
  • Mix Spindasol in must/wine using a Venturi or by pumping over. Dose the product either diluted 1:1 with water or at full strength. In musts, add Spindasol before adding gelatin. In wines, wait at least _ hour after the proteic clarifier (albumin, gelatin, casein) is fully homogenized, and then add Spindasol and mix.

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