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Practical tool to protect wine with headspace from pichia membranaefacens and aerobic microorganism

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Product Description

  • These anti-flor tablets consist of an inert pure-paraffin support in which allyl isosulphocyanate, a natural form of mustard oil has been dissolved. Mustard oil is a volatile substance with high antiseptic properties especially with regard toaerobic microorganisms.
  • Steryl anti-flor tablets are made with the most up-to-date techniques using fully automated systems, which guarantee consistent quality.
  • The microorganisms responsible for the formation of white film on the surface of wines stored in partially full containers, belong to the specie PichiaHansenula and Candida.
  • These are Yeasts with a prevalently oxidative metabolism and almost free from fermentative activity. In addition to this alteration, a loss of alcoholic content takes place as well as the formation of acetaldehyde, which gives a vinegary smell to the contaminated wines.
  • By floating on the surface of the liquid, Steryl tablets slowly release the allyl isosulphocyanate, which sterilizes the air above it.
  • As a result, the development of the film is inhibited together with other oxidation related bacterial and enzymatic surface alterations.
  • Steryl substitutes stopper plugs and the practice of Vaseline oil, which is now forbidden.
  • Use one or two tablets of the adequate size, and replace it every 15 days.